Join a small group of 8-12 Next Gens (ages 21-35) from families of meaningful wealth for a casual gathering with guided reflections, honest conversations, and expert content tailored to help you on your way to a flourishing and fulfilled life.

Upcoming Dates:

  • July 22-24, 2022
  • Aug 19-21, 2022 Private Group

Contact our Community Engagement Lead, Maddie, at mpardue@koreventure.org, if you or someone you know is interested in attending.

What is a KORE Kickstarter?

A weekend to discover more. More of what satisfies.

We all want more of something. Something to make life more satisfying and fulfilling. Those from families of wealth know that the answer is not more money or stuff. In fact, wealth can make us more restless and our lives more complicated. While offering great opportunities, wealth can isolate us, paralyze us with the abundance of options it creates, overwhelm us with expectations, and weigh us down with the heavy responsibility we feel to live up to all we have received.

What makes life satisfying and fulfilling? How do you find meaning and purpose in your work, relationships, and families? How can you know which path to take and how to make the best decisions along the way? How can you be who you are meant to be, and still contribute as part of your family?

These are difficult questions to answer. Drawing upon insights from the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, KORE Kickstarters are designed to help you get started on your path to discovering the answers.

Our program includes expert content tailored for your family circumstances, guided group reflection, and honest conversations with peers. We discuss how to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities which can get in the way of you flourishing and becoming your best. We give you tools to wrestle with your questions and to help get “unstuck.” KORE Kickstarters are private, non-judgmental environments where you can be authentically you.

Finding your path to a fulfilled and flourishing life may seem confusing or elusive. KORE Kickstarter will help you launch your journey with clarity and confidence, and connect you with a peer group to walk with.

Who isKORE Kickstarter for?

Young adults (ages 21 to 35) from families of meaningful wealth, who are…

  • Asking what’s next? And wondering how to choose the right path.
  • Asking questions about life, wealth, and relationships that have no simple answers.
  • Wanting to learn how to navigate the complexities and opportunities of wealth alongside a community of peers.

What will you experience?

  • A small, trusting community of peers.
  • Time for self-reflection and tools to help you wrestle with difficult questions.
  • Discussions about the unique challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities of living with wealth, such as isolation, expectations, getting “stuck,” relationships, and more.
  • Learn how to cultivate character values which are key to flourishing, influencing others, and living and leading well.
  • Define and learn how to pursue success that truly satisfies.

Participants on their experience

“I came into the Kickstarter not knowing what to expect. I left with friends who know me fully because I didn’t have to filter what I said to hide a big part of my story. I now feel like I have confidence and direction moving forward.”

“KORE Venture provided me with the community, language, and context that I needed to achieve breakthrough in the areas of generational wealth, responsibility, and family.”

“The community, insights and encouragement I received during the Kickstarter were so valuable. It was the first time I felt fully known and seen for who I was. The KORE Venture team created a safe space to ask questions, learn and grow while being immersed in an encouraging community of like-minded people.”

“The KORE Kickstarter took me deeper than I thought possible in a 48-hour retreat. It allowed me to deal with some very difficult aspects of my journey as a Next Gen, know that I was met and shepherded in that journey, and come out with a fresh sense of breakthrough, of encouragement, and vision for how I want to keep growing.”

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