Helping Your Children Get Unstuck

They have so much potential, but how do you unlock it?

You believe in your son or daughter. You know they have so much potential, and you’ve worked so hard to afford them the opportunities to give them a wonderful, full, beautiful life. However, sometimes they may seem lost or confused. Or, they may be showing signs of needing a nudge or a little clarity about themselves or their direction in life.

Your son or daughter may not know how to take advantage of all that he or she could be and develop a plan for discovering that path. Under that facade you know there is a special person ready to live-up to what they could be.

They just might be a little stuck.

How can things get unstuck?  

Growing up with wealth is hard. Parenting is also very hard–when you parent with wealth. An environment of abundance changes things and it can get confusing for a young life. Maybe you’ve worked hard to counteract all this with great values and grounding principles. The truth is, no matter how much we want to make our son’s or daughter’s lives perfect, we can’t.

At a certain point, they need to step out on their own. They need to claim their own identity and uncover the unique gifts they have to offer the world (we’ve measured this and can prove it to you). This will equip them with what they need to thrive in life and begin to flourish again.

We’ve found after they do this. They often return to the family as better-equipped contributors and collaborators. Here’s what parents of our alumni have said:


“The joy that we’re taking away from this, from seeing our adult children grow into womanhood and manhood, you can’t put a measure on that.”

“My daughter’s moved from an insecurity to an ownership of who she is and why she’s here.”

“We all mess our kids up in various ways, we either err on the side of wanting them to be good or on the side of wanting them to be happy. And growing up amidst [wealth], and figuring out that you’re loved, it takes a community to do that, it takes input from other adults and mentors and that’s what this program offers in safety and freedom.”

Want to see how this transformation happens?