A Way for Next Gens to Thrive

Wealth can complicate things.

Having more money doesn't necessarily mean that life gets easier.

The paradox of living with significant resources is that it can be a joy and a burden.

At KORE Venture, we help Next Gens navigate through the obstacles that can keep them stuck so that they can live with greater clarity and confidence.


1. Community

Connect with a supportive and safe community of peers, who experience the same challenges.

2. Clarify Identity

Discover a clear sense of who you are through an evidenced-based transformational process.

3. Uncover Purpose

Find your purpose and the deeper meaning for how you want to engage with life and wealth.

A lot is going on below the surface and things in the family can feel overwhelming. But a healthful pathway forward for Next Gens is possible through recognizing their unique identity and inner purpose while cultivating a healthy relationship with wealth and family.

We start with who YOU are. Are you a...