Family wealth is complicated

Family wealth offers fabulous opportunities, but also comes with enormous pressure. Can I ever live up to all that is expected of me?

It raises questions about identity and doubts about friendship. Who am I without my family name? Do people like me for who I am, or just what I can do for them?

It also creates uncertainty about purpose. Am I free to choose or is my path pre-determined?

Despite the excellence of your college education, it did not equip you for navigating complicated family relationships or making decisions with an abundance of options. Furthermore, you may feel alone. Few people understand the baggage that comes with family wealth and it’s difficult to explain.

Does this sound familiar?

You are not alone.

What is KORE Venture?

A non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and equipping young inheritors (ages 18-35) to navigate the complexities of wealth with a supportive peer community through character and relationship-focused programming.

Our vision is to see young inheritors provide leadership for families, contribute to society, and gain clarity, confidence, and the conviction to pursue their unique path in life.

Community membership is restricted to peers, and by invitation only.

What can you expect?

A safe space where you can have authentic conversations and examine the specific challenges you face without fear of judgment.

We believe that if you are surrounded by a supportive, trusting community you will be better equipped to grow, learn, and face the future with confidence.

Our programs and events feature prominent thought-leaders, academics from leading institutions, and experts from around the world. But we focus on topics relating to identity, purpose, and relationships because we believe that fundamental to overcoming the pressures of wealth is understanding one’s value apart from it.