Family wealth is complicated

Family wealth offers amazing opportunities, but also creates a huge burden. Can I ever live up to all that is expected of me?

It raises questions about identity and doubts about friendship. Who am I without my family name? Do people like me for who I am or just what I can do for them?

It also creates uncertainty about purpose. Am I free to choose or is my path pre-determined?

Your college education has not prepared you for these and other challenges related to wealth. And you may not yet have a trusted peer group who understands what it’s like to walk in your shoes and with whom you can be honest about your unique circumstances.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Kore Venture is designed for you.

The heart of Kore Venture is our belief in the extraordinary value of every person—not based on their wealth or family name but on their infinite worth and potential. Our vision is to see you flourish irrespective of your family circumstances.

Kore Venture is a rare opportunity to discover your true identity, find deeper purpose and prepare for the complexities, opportunities and expectations of living in a family of significant means and influence. Venture provides the freedom to explore your aspirations and abilities and to discuss expectations and doubts—without fear of failure—within a confidential environment of peers who are on the same journey.

Delivered over three residentials in the USA, UK, and Austria, Kore Venture is a transformational learning experience like no other. We bring you the best of the best from global business families, academics from leading institutions, family relationship experts, noted authors and, of course, your peers so that you can learn from their wisdom and life experience.

We create space for real conversation and honest reflection, and we match you with a life coach to support you every step of the way.

Venture will help you...

Grow in wisdom and the virtues required for success

Grow in wisdom and the virtues required for sucess as inheritors of family wealth and as leaders in business and society with a particular focus on: resilience, humility, gratitude, generosity and service, creativity and courage.

Answer life’s big questions

  1. Who am I and who do I want to become? (forming identity within and beyond your family)
  2. What is my purpose and place in the world and in my family? (discovering your unique purpose and contribution to society)
  3. How do I best use what I have received? (learning how to multiply your talents, financial resources, access and influence most impactfully)

Develop a global network of peers

Build a trusted group of peers and be connected to families like yours with whom you can share knowledge, opportunities, relationships and experiences.

Acquire life design skills and create a life plan

Drawing on Stanford University Life Design Lab, acquire tools and skills and together with your personal coach, develop a life plan to get started on your journey.


Venture is for young adults who are:

  • age 21 to 30,
  • from ultra-high-net-worth families or families of significant influence,
  • post graduates (at or near the completion of formal education, prior to launching a career track either within or outside of the family),
  • curious, and determined to learn and grow.

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