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Helping the Rocket Ship get off the Ground

You want to help the family flourish, but more burdens them than is visible on the balance sheet.

You’ve done a lot of work to create the structures needed to help the family operate well. And as it grows, you’re seeing the need to engage the Rising Gens. But how?

Financial literacy programs? They’re needed. Mission, vision, values workshop? Those are good.

But many of the next generation are struggling and not engaging to the degree that you were hoping. The well-designed rocket ship is not taking off.

What’s missing?

In our work with Rising Gens we’ve been able to diagnose the system’s failure when it comes to engaging young leaders and getting the family off the ground. It turns out it has very little to do with the financial side of things.

Rising Gens often lack clarity of identity and understanding of their purpose. Without an inner compass and conviction about the value of their voice, it’s sometimes hard for them to see how they fit in with the initiative of the family. As a result, all the various members have trouble aligning and working together.

They’re not only dealing with questions of personal worth (do I matter apart from my wealth?), they’re having trouble navigating relationships within the family office. And this keeps the whole family back. We believe that Rising Gen health is tied to overall family health. And you can’t have one without the other.

How can you help them?

We’ve written an article with our insights and approach from working with and helping empower Rising Gens. The life change is remarkable. And you can hear about it first-hand from Rising Gens by watching this video. The result is greater cohesion in the family and a stronger system, with better working parts.

One advisor said:


“Although equipped with a college degree, our client was being robbed of the drive or initiative to pursue anything other than video gaming due to the financial support which was being received from his Trust.

Through KORE Venture, our client discovered a greater vision and purpose for his life which sparked a passion to engage in the marketplace and with others which beforehand had remained untapped.

The KORE Venture alumni network and coaching continue to provide the fuel to our client’s life fire. Thanks to KORE Venture, our client is now on a path of fulfillment and personal achievement which was previously not even a distant dream. KORE Venture has proven to be an investment with invaluable return. We are grateful for the unique and important work which KORE Venture does.“

-Steve Marken, Trustee Services Group

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