A Taster Experience

The beginning of a journey to find greater strength of identity, purpose, and impact in community.

Many Rising Gens are trying to discern how to move towards their future. However, many don’t feel prepared for it. They are unsure of how they fit into their own family systems, let alone the world. This is in part because the Next Gen experience is complicated. While they may strive for a “normal” life, they are accompanied everywhere they go by an invisible companion. And that companion has a huge impact on how they understand themselves, relationships, work, etc. Conventional education cannot fully equip them for the pressures of wealth or the realities of an enterprise family. A different kind of training is required for Rising Gens to be able to face their future from a place of strength.

At KORE Venture, we believe that even amidst complexity a Rising Gen can discover their potential and live with more inner clarity, character, and conviction. But it takes work.

In this JumpStart, we give Rising Gens the opportunity to get started on that journey towards living out of inner strength. We’ll work on exposing emotional barriers, exploring the stability that can come from defining identity, purpose, and impact, while also connecting with peers with similar stories and challenges. The interactive exercises and discussions are all designed to move Next Gens towards confidence and excitement for the future and help them see they are not alone.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A one-day experience
  • A small cohort
  • For Next Gens (agees 21-30)
  • Interactive, engaging
  • A confidential, closed environment.

JumpStarts are held virtually or in-person, in a city near you.

Interested in attending a JumpStart or hosting one?

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