Origins - Looking through a different generation's lens

KORE Venture was born in 2018 out of a vision of encouraging the next generations of families that were blessed and challenged by the complex story of family wealth and how it affects those growing up in it.

At that time, plenty of organizations and resources were available to engage the future leaders of the family at an educational and family legacy level. Still, they were not focused on how to shape the inner strength and purpose of the Next Gens emerging with new insights, passions, and energies into the family and the world. This disconnect opened up an opportunity to encourage the personal growth of the Next Gens and their overall well-being and family health.

As KORE began, issues with Next Gens arose about personal value and acceptance in the family. How do I navigate dating relationships when it is hard to trust people? Am I free to choose my own path, or do I have to follow in the family’s business? Or, how can I know myself better to be a better leader and contributor to the family?

These were just a few examples of the challenges that Next Gens faced. However, the family advising industry was limited in its focus and spent more time educating Next Gens on financial literacy, governance, and various financial management and investment tools.

We at KORE had a different idea.

We thought: what if what Next Gens need to thrive is to help clarify who they are and what their purpose is in their life and their family?

Our belief was if they are anchored in those areas in their life, they will have the confidence they need to engage in the family with greater clarity and understanding of where they fit in.

So, we began working on experiences to equip Next Gens with the tools they needed to face the challenges they were most preoccupied with. The ultimate goal was for their empowerment and support–a side effect would be that they became more active shareholders.

We created an incredible, international journey and smaller, bite-size adventures that helped shape these anchoring experiences. Next Gens came away transformed. 180-degree life change unfolded before our very eyes.

After only a couple of years, we had stories and stories of the incredible things Next Gens did after becoming more anchored in a community and their own identity.

It was thrilling, and we became the model for the advising community to follow.

Today, we are constantly innovating around our experiential models and becoming more accessible and flexible–while evolving into a hybrid model with more virtual and in-person experiences. We believe that everyone is unique and at different stages in the journey. So we have shaped our Next Gen experiences to be able to adapt to the individual. We took all our data and expertise from our alumni and developed an evidenced-based assessment tool, as well as framed our NEW Kore Venture Pathway that is based on 50+ key outcome indicators-designed to help shape each Next Gen that comes into our KORE Venture Pathway.

That’s where we are today. We’re excited to be able to offer an evidenced-based and tested transformational approach that leads to life change. But we’re even more thrilled to be shaping our resources and coaching to more precisely meet Next Gens where they are and the needs they have today.

KORE Venture exists to encourage and shape the well-being, and unique identity of Next Gens as they navigate through the complexities, relationships, and joys of abundant wealth. So, they can discover how to impact “their world” in purposeful ways—thus revealing what it means to “live life at its fullest.”​

Check out our innovative pathway for Next Gen thriving:

KV Pathway