Origins - Looking through a different generation's lens

KORE Venture (KV) was born in 2018 out of a vision for supporting and encouraging the next generation of families who must navigate the opportunities, but also the challenges of life with wealth.

As KV grew, we discovered that the issues Rising Gens were concerned about and burdened with often revolved around identity, individual value, and life purpose: Who am I without my family name? Do people like me for who I am or just what I can do for them? Am I free to choose my own path, or do I have to follow in the family’s business? Many did not have a safe place or community to ask these questions.

We found that the family advising industry primarily worked on educating Rising Gens on financial literacy, governance, and financial management and investment tools. All were good and important things, but they did not address the direct needs and questions Rising Gens had about their identity, value, and purpose. Available resources for addressing these issues were very few.

At KORE Venture, we wanted to help.

We wanted Next Gen to not just be competent but to flourish in life.

We thought, what if what Next Gens really need, in order to flourish, is clarity around who they are and their purpose?

If they are rooted in these areas, perhaps they will have the confidence they need to engage in the family and life with a greater understanding of where they fit in.

So, we began working on experiences to equip Rising Gens with the tools they needed to face the challenges of life with wealth.

We created an incredible, international journey and smaller, bite-sized experiences where Rising Gens examined and explored the questions and challenges they had on identity, purpose and their relationship with themselves, families and communities. KV provided a safe space where they, alongside peers, could have authentic conversations about the unique issues they faced.

Next Gens came away transformed.

“I’ve traveled all over the world, living all sorts of lives, and nothing comes close to what I experienced with KORE Venture.”

“KORE Venture provided me with the community, language, and context that I needed to achieve breakthrough in the areas of generational wealth, responsibility, and family.”

“I came to KORE Venture not knowing what to expect. I left with friends who know me fully because I didn’t have to filter what I said to hide a big part of my story. I now feel like I have confidence and direction moving forward.”

In just three years, we have amazing stories of how our Rising Gens are flourishing.

Today, we are innovating around our in-person experiences to become more accessible and flexible by evolving into a hybrid model with a mix of virtual and in-person experiences. We believe that everyone is unique and at different stages in the journey. So, we have shaped our Rising Gen experiences to be able to adapt to the individual.

In assessing our data, we developed an evidence-based assessment tool. Our NEW KORE Venture Pathway is based on 50+ key outcome indicators, designed to help each Rising Gen that engages with the KORE Venture Pathway.

We’re excited to be able to offer an evidenced-based and tested transformational approach that leads to life change. But we’re even more thrilled to be developing our resources and coaching to more precisely meet Rising Gens where they are today and to help them get to where they want to be.

KORE Venture exists to encourage and shape the well-being and unique identity of Rising Gens as they navigate through the complexities, relationships, and joys of abundant wealth. So they can discover how to impact “their world” in a purposeful way— revealing what it means to “live life at its fullest.”​

This is how we do it:

KV Pathway