The Pathway

An Extended Experience

A time to deepen your strength of identity, purpose, and impact in community.

Conducted over 4-6 months, either online or hybrid, the Pathway pairs group learning with 1-to-1 coaching to create a transformational journey. As Rising Gens find connection with their peers in shared experiences, they can explore key aspects of their identity. This, in turn, leads to uncovering how that inner person expresses purpose and impact.

The experience is divided up into the following modules:

1. Live to Belong – Finding acceptance, safety, and belonging.

The initial step of connecting with others like you and learning about yourself in community. 


2. Live to Be True – Discovery of Self: Character, Wiring, & Identity

Dive into your specific strengths and values, as you become more acquainted with who you are and explore character.


3. Live with Purpose Understanding and finding meaning for my life.

Identifying the ways that you live purposefully, informed by your identity and values.


4. Live with Impact Recognizing and contributing to what matters to me.

Begin practicing your purpose and clarifying the ways you want to “make a difference.”

“KORE Venture provided me with the community, language, and context that I needed to achieve breakthrough in the areas of generational wealth, responsibility, and family.” - KV Alum

Each module is designed to help you, as a Next Gen, gain confidence in who you are, what matters to you, and what you have to offer, so that you can lean more fully into your strengths and values. With this knowledge, you’ll find that you can live with greater clarity and confidence in relationship to your family and the world. The outcome is flourishing and greater well-being for you and your family.

These are some of the types of change we work towards:

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In this video, one of our participants, Grace, shares her story and experience with the KORE Venture pathway.

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