The KORE Venture Immersive is a part-time program unfolding over 4 months combining the following elements:

Focused, In-person Retreats

Retreats feature leaders in global business and social impact, faculty from the Stanford Life Design Lab and the Saiid Business School at Oxford University, and leading family wealth practitioners.

Residential 1
California, USA
Dates: May 6-16, 2023

Residential 2
Oxford, UK
Dates: July 1-9, 2023

Residential 3
Salzburg, Austria
Dates: August 20-26, 2023

Intensive Personal Coaching

Process and apply what you learn with a professional life coach who’s there to walk beside you every step of the way.

A Tight-knit Peer Community

Each cohort is limited to 12 participants. The most impactful part of the KORE Venture experience is sharing the journey with like-minded peers. KORE Venture provides a safe and private environment for real reflection and honest conversation which fosters deep, life-long connections.

A Variety of Learning Experiences

Field and home-based experiences include:

  • Wilderness survival experience led by survival experts
  • Extensive reading and exercises curated for the KORE Venture curriculum
  • Case studies of historical figures & family legacies

What's Different About this Experience?

We start with you, not your wealth

You need to prepare for responsibilities that you did not choose and perhaps do not want. Rather than begin with your wealth, we first help you to be confident in who you are and to thrive, irrespective of your family circumstances.

We take you beyond the essentials of financial literacy and family governance to address the realities of living with wealth and influence—realities that too frequently derail young people, fracture families, and destroy wealth.

Character, Competence, Community

KORE Venture focuses on character growth as the critical foundation on which to build skills to navigate life and manage wealth. We integrate character formation, competence development, and community support.

Cultural Intelligence

Emerging leaders from wealthy families are increasingly the product of a blended culture—a fusion of family, ethnicity and global influences which frequently leads to cultural conflict between generations. KORE Venture helps you appreciate your unique cultural make-up and how to interact positively within and beyond the family.

Global Peer Community

Learning from and with peers from around the world, you’ll build special bonds and become part of a global community which is committed to mutual support and encouragement for life.

Intensive Personal Coaching

KORE Venture matches you with a coach for the duration of your experience. This is essential to help you process the many personal questions you will face and apply new disciplines and mindsets.


KORE Venture is solely committed to your wellbeing and growth. There is no program sponsorship, no vendor pitching and as a nonprofit initiative, no drive to profit from your participation. Any program surpluses are reinvested into program development.

Content highlights and program contributors

The comprehensive curriculum includes the following topics explored through a combination of expert input, peer discussion, readings, case studies, and conversations.

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Program curriculum