Kore Venture is a part-time program unfolding over 4 months which combines the following elements:

Residential learning

Residential learning covering a wide-ranging curriculum and presented by global business families, leaders in business and social impact, faculty from Stanford Life Design School, Said Business School, Oxford University, and leading family wealth practitioners. The foundation of Venture is three residential sessions:

  1. Identity (USA) Discover who you really are and who you want to become.
  2. Purpose (UK) Explore your purpose and the impact you aspire to have in the world.
  3. Stewardship (Austria) Develop a plan to use what is “in your hands” to pursue your aspirations and steward your family legacy.

Personal reflection and personalized coaching

Personal reflection and personalized coaching by experienced professionals to help you process and apply what you learn.

A peer learning community

A peer learning community of 8 to 12 people in similar life circumstances from several nations. Peer learning and support is a critical element of Venture.

Field and home-based experiences

Field and home-based experiences:

  • Wilderness survival experience led by the renowned Bear Grylls Survival Academy
  • Extensive reading and research guided by the curated Venture Resource Guide
  • Family history project (distill, understand, and learn from your family narrative)
  • Business exposure placement (observe leadership and culture in a best-in-class organization)
  • Philanthropic immersion experience (see how effective use of capital impacts vulnerable communities)

What's unique about Kore Venture?

A holistic Approach—Character, Competence, Community

Kore Venture develops character virtues as the critical foundation on which to build the competence needed to steward wealth and from which to explore personal aspirations. Our program integrates character formation, competence development and community support.

Cultural Intelligence

Emerging leaders from wealthy families are increasingly the product of a blended culture. A fusion of family, ethnicity and global influences which frequently leads to cultural conflict between generations. Kore Venture helps you appreciate your unique cultural make-up and how to interact positively within and beyond the family across the cultural spectrum.

Global Peer Community

Learning from and with peers from around the world, you’ll build special bonds and become part of a global community which is committed to mutual support and encouragement for life.

Personalized Coaching

Kore Venture matches you with a coach for the duration of your experience. This is essential to help you process the many personal questions you will face and apply new disciplines and mindsets.


Kore Venture is solely committed to your wellbeing and growth. There is no program sponsorship, no vendor pitching and as a nonprofit initiative, no drive to profit from your participation. Any program surpluses are reinvested into program development.

Content highlights and program contributors

Over the 4-month Kore Venture journey you will learn from leading global business families, academics, family wealth practitioners, authors and your peers. The comprehensive curriculum covers the following topics through a combination of expert input, peer discussion, readings, case studies and conversations.

  • Survival, Resilience, and Leadership: Bear Grylls Survival Academy
  • Design Thinking: Designing Your Life, Dave Evans, Stanford University
  • Wisdom, Virtue, and the Character of Leadership: Oxford Character Project
  • Family Systems and Intergenerational Communication: Keith Whitaker
  • Intercultural Intelligence: Knowledgeworkx
  • Purpose and Profit: Dr. Mary Mary Johnstone Louis, Saïd Business School, Oxford University
  • Joy of Generosity and Service: Generosity Path
  • Social Impact and Philanthropy: Leading philanthropists, social impact investors
  • Emotional Intelligence and Relational Wealth: Relational Wealth Advisors
  • Influence and Movement Building/Inspiration from leading social change innovators
  • Family Narrative: Family Rituals and Artifacts
  • Social, Economic and Political Systems Wealth Creation: Legatum Institute
  • Media savvy: Stewardship of the Family Name, Tom Mollo
  • Family Governance meets Business Leadership: Leading family governance advisors
  • Investment Acumen: Leading chief investment officers
  • Health and Wellbeing, Habit Formation: Personal coaches
  • Plus learn from many prominent wealthy families, authors and business builders globally including through case studies and personal conversations.

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