Rick Harig

President Emeritus

In 2014, Rick became the founding Chair of TIGER 21 Chicago and served as its Chair for nearly six years. TIGER 21 is a peer-to-peer learning forum for individuals with significant assets. Twelve years prior to assuming this position, he served as a planning resource for TIGER 21 members, presenting to TIGER 21 groups on various Legacy Strategies and helping them to envision the impact of their wealth beyond their lifetimes.

Beginning in 2002, when TIGER 21 had just eighteen members (today 750+), Rick became a resource for members, assisting them with Maximizing the Meaning and Impact of Family Wealth. He founded Legacy Resources, LLC, in 1996, and functions as a Legacy Strategist™ and Financial Planner Registrant, CFP®, to empower people to gain clarity about the meaning, purpose, and impact of their wealth. Since then, Legacy Resources, LLC, has assisted more than 100 domestic and offshore families in defining the destination or purpose for their wealth, helping them translate what they define into a design for their estate, and into a plan and a path toward a sustainable family legacy.

Living in Europe for more than six years greatly influenced both his personal life and his professional life. While working as a tour guide in Austria, Hungary, and the Balkan countries, he witnessed the profound impact of opening tourists’ eyes to the legends and lore, people and culture in ways they would not have seen on their own. Upon his return to the U.S., this influenced the reflective process he incorporated into the exercise of defining goals and objectives, and ultimately, the purpose of his clients’ wealth. Now, instead of tours of great cities, cathedrals, and palaces, he takes clients on a journey of the heart, reflecting with them on the arc of their lives and the shaping forces that have made them who they are. Through the legacy clues they uncover, he helps clients to imagine a better future for themselves, their families, and generations yet unborn. His mission? To assist clients in creating a larger future, so they can live a larger life.

In his free time, Rick loves to travel and spend time practicing reading and speaking German.