Mark MacDonald


Mark MacDonald is an author, strategy and branding consultant, life-purpose coach, and fractional executive for several entrepreneurial-based startups. He brings all these complimentary areas of leadership to KORE Venture as CEO, with the hope of scaling the fruits of the evidenced-based Next Gen transformational model KV has developed.

Mark’s primary passion is coaching executives and high-potential leaders in identifying their meaningful, unique patterns of intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence, and generous purpose-driven leadership.

Over the years, Mark served as the President of “The Purpose Driven Life,” an organization representing a social brand movement of one of the bestselling non-fiction books in history.

He also served as the President of Compass Arts, a branding, marketing, and creative communications agency designed to create compelling virtuous films and various message advocacy campaigns. While leading Compass Arts, the organization was recognized over ten times by several Media Award organizations, such as The New York Film Festival, Telly Awards, Mobius Awards, and American Advertising Awards for creative communications excellence.

Mark received his degree in Theology with an emphasis in Behavioral Psychology from Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. His continued interests and field studies have extended into the field of neuroscience and in the specific areas of change theory and practice, social neuroscience, and habit formation with the NeuroLeadership Institute.

He resides with his wife, Patty, in Bow, New Hampshire, and they are proud parents of Erin, Gail, and Ryan.