Marco Blankenburgh, Director of KnowledgeWorkx

Marco Blankenburgh

KORE Venture Coach

Certified Behavioral and Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) Consultant and ICF Certified Professional Coach, Marco Blankenburgh is the founder and international director of KnowledgeWorkx. Marco is a globally recognized interculturalist and has been part of developing a unique, ICF accredited intercultural coaching methodology.

With over 15 years of experience in coaching, he has become an expert in creating an understanding of what it takes to successfully build relationships in our global and interconnected world. He uses the ICI methodology to underpin his work in strategic consulting, change management, leadership and team development, and executive coaching.

Marco is not a short-distance sprinter and prefers to walk a longer road of growth and development with his client. For this reason, he enjoys coaching for KORE Venture because it affords him the time and space to explore growth opportunities with participants. This approach has proven successful and is reflected in the longevity of the relationships he has with his clients.

Marco lives in Dubai with his wife and their four Third Culture Kids.

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