Maddie Pardue

Community Engagement Lead

As a 3rd generation inheritor, Maddie received both the many blessing and difficulties of wealth. Dealing with guilt and isolation growing up, wealth became a source of burden. After going through the KORE Venture program in 2019, she is now passionate about cultivating conversation and community amongst young inheritors to empower and navigate the complexities of wealth together.

As a child, Maddie spent significant time overseas while her parents worked as aid workers. Now having been to over forty countries, experiencing other cultures has shaped her worldview and passions. Maddie graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Psychology from Colorado Christian University. Her love for cultures led her to teach Spanish at the middle and high school level. Now working for KORE Venture, Maddie hopes to develop even more opportunities for young adults of wealth to grow in leadership amidst their peers, families, and communities.

Maddie and her husband live in the beautiful state of Colorado. They enjoy spending time outdoors with their German Shepherd.