KORE Venture Pathway

Trail Markers

Together with peers in a safe environment, you can find clarity around how to live your unique life in the midst of abundance.

The KORE Venture Pathway has been developed from a research-based, 54-point indicator assessment that we created from our initial work with Next Gens. It captures the elements of the life change that we saw in our first KV Experiences so that we could hone the journey and help other young leaders experience the same empowerment and encouragement.

The first step in the pathway is finding that you belong. If you know that you are in a supportive and accepting community, you can begin to open yourself up for the growth that will move you forward. The steps afterward focus on becoming grounded in your identity, so that you can uncover your unique, inner purpose, which helps you know how you want to impact the world.

Visually, it looks something like this:

    • Live to Belong – The initial step of connecting with others like you and learning about yourself in community.
    • Live to Be True – Dive into your specific strengths to become more acquainted with who you are and cultivate your character.
    • Live with Purpose – Begin charting a life direction and clarifying your purpose.
    • Live with Impact – Practically pursue your purpose, taking the tangible steps you need to live it out.

But the journey doesn’t stop there, you can keep going through the cycles and getting deeper and deeper in with your community.

We’ve found that people need a supportive, involved community to keep growing throughout their lives. The KV Pathway is broad enough to allow for you to return and dig deeper as you engage with the experiences in community.

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