The 4-month KORE Venture journey is delivered over 3 residentials in the USA, UK, and Austria. In between each residential you will complete set readings and assignments and engage in personal coaching.

Residential 1

California, USA

Key focus: Who am I now and who do I want to become?

Who Before Do

Before participants arrive at Residential 1, they complete various personality surveys and strengths assessments to assist them as they explore identity.

Survival, Resilience, and Leadership

Certified survival experts lead the cohort on a wilderness adventure to help them uncover their inner resources and what can be accomplished as a team.

Redefining my Relationship with Wealth – Keith Whitaker

President of Wise Counsel Research and native to the world of abundant resources, Keith workshops with participants how they can find their voice and reclaim the narratives told about their life and wealth.

Building Relational Wealth – Relational Wealth Advisors, Eric & Jennifer Garcia

Eric and Jennifer draw upon their decades of experience helping family systems communicate well and grow more unified to work with the Immersive cohort to come to terms with past hurts and claim the tools they need to build healthy relationships with friends and families.

Crafting Culture – KnowledgeWorkx, Marco Blankenburgh

With over 20 years of experience working with leaders and families across more than 70 countries, Marco assists the cohort in understanding their family contexts as cultures and how they might navigate the differences between them.

Finding Your Way: Designing Your Life, Dave Evans

Dave Evans, Stanford Faculty member and co-author of the best-selling book Designing Your Life, coaches participants on how to build a well-lived, joyful life by embracing the “mind-sets” of design thinking.

We’ve helped thousands of young people build a well-lived joyful life.  But only recently have I come to appreciate the unique challenges facing those who create or inherit substantial wealth. I’m delighted to be part of KORE Venture and to help young people from families with abundance the world over find purpose and meaning and to become wise stewards of resources, opportunity, and influence.

-Dave Evans, Stanford University

Living the Way of Character – The Oxford Character Project, Dr. Ed Brooks & Integrity and Ethics at Parker Hannifin, Dr. Peter Rea

An introduction to why the “how” matters more than the “what” with foremost researchers and experts on character.

Special Guest

We invite a couple or an individual from a family of significant resources to share about the personal challenges and opportunities of possessing wealth.

Personal Reflection and Individual Coaching

One-on-one sessions with your personal coach and time to process the material.

Your Learning Environment:
California, USA

Home-Based Learning

The cohort is given assignments both as a group as well as individually tailored direction based on their personal coaching sessions, which they continue remotely between residentials.

Residential 2

Oxford, UK

Key focus: Explore possibilities. What could be my purpose and place in the world?

Finding Purpose that Satisfies – Oxford Character Project, Dr. Ed Brooks

How does one find purpose? Ed launches participants on their quest through research-based findings and insights.

Stretching back to the ancient world, the questions of how to live a meaningful and satisfying life and how to live well with others in society have occupied the leading thinkers of each generation. The acquisition of wisdom has been at the heart of a quest that is not simply about gaining knowledge but about becoming a better person, growing in personal character along a path where a sense of purpose intersects with one’s contribution to the good of society. The Oxford Character Project draws on the latest research to help leading students integrate their academic learning within a wider pursuit of wisdom, meaning and purpose. I am delighted to partner with KORE Venture in helping an up-and-coming generation develop as the wise thinkers and good leaders our world desperately needs.

-Dr. Edward Brooks, Executive Director of the Oxford Character Project

Leading with Purpose

Tucked away in a University of Oxford college chapel, participants partake in an interactive activity exploring what it means to establish yourself as a leader and articulate your vision clearly, with the help of a chamber choir.

Writing my Story

Participants explore the Tate Britain Museum with a seasoned University of Oxford historian, observing portraiture to examine representations of success and prompt the question: how do you want to be represented?

Exemplars of Purpose

Throughout the week, participants will be exposed to successful individuals and families (including Baronness Philippa Stroud, Simon Pillar, and the Rothschild Family) who have lived lives of purpose and established lasting legacies.

Acting with Power Melissa Jones Briggs

Lecturer at Stanford Business School, Melissa gets participants up and moving to illuminate how you can use power and presence purposefully.

Purpose of Wealth – Blenheim Palace

Immersed in a case study, participants are led through the rooms of this English country palace examining its purpose and legacy over the years.

Purpose Beyond Profit – Legatum Institute, Saïd Business School, & Mustard Seed Capital

Participants have the opportunity to interact with a variety of business leaders who have built their organizations around purpose.

Building True Family Wealth – Relational Wealth Advisors, Eric & Jennifer Garcia

Eric and Jennifer return to help participants explore how they might be able to build up what really matters: family.

Your Learning Environment:
Oxford, England

Home-Based Learning

The cohort is given assignments both as a group as well as individually tailored direction based on their personal coaching sessions, which they continue remotely between residentials.

Residential 3

Salzburg, Austria

Key focus: What do I do with what I have received? Starting my journey towards impact.

Telling my Story

Participants prepare for presentations at the end of the week by practicing telling their stories.

Building Bridges with Family – Relational Wealth Advisors, Eric & Jennifer Garcia

Before family members arrive and join the KORE Venture journey, Eric and Jennifer prepare the cohort for how they can be change-makers within their families.

The Way of Contentment & Generosity – The Oxford Character Project, Ed Brooks

Ed rejoins the cohort in their final days of the Immersive to help understand what leads to contentment and how living out of selfless ambition can lead to great joy and generosity.

Aligning for Impact

What sort of impact do you want to make in the world? And how do you get there? The KV team equips the cohort with tools for understanding what sort of impact they are drawn to and how they can go about it.

Thriving Beyond the Immersive

This is the end of the beginning. For participants, the real work begins when they engage with real life and bring the principles they learned to bear on the everyday.

For Parents Only

Parents join for the final two nights of the Immersive and participate in a parents-only session where they are exposed to some of the tools and concepts their Next Gens learned over the Immersive.

Graduation Celebration

We gather for a final night to celebrate with their families the internal growth of the participants as they launch into whatever comes next.

Your learning environment
Salzburg, Austria

Optional modules

Business exposure experience

Spend a week in a world class organization observing how leadership creates culture and how culture drives performance. Write up your observations and present them to the leadership of the organization.

While this is an optional component of the program, we believe it is absolutely worthwhile. We will connect you to several world class organizations willing to host Kore Venture participants.

(optional, not included in tuition fee)

Social impact immersion experience

Experience first-hand how thoughtful and strategic philanthropic support for community-based organizations helps lift underprivileged and vulnerable communities out of poverty. You’ll visit vulnerable communities and meet people who have renewed their hope and sense of dignity with support made possible by philanthropy. Write-up and present your observations to your family and course peers.

While this is an optional component of the program we strongly encourage everyone to participate especially if you have not visited projects to help vulnerable communities in the past. Kore Venture has made arrangements for our participants to join any one of a handful of field trips).

(optional, not included in tuition fee)

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