About KORE Venture

Why we created Kore Venture

We are in the midst of a global transition during which trillions in family wealth will be passed on to a new generation of leaders. While they may have attended the best schools and colleges, many feel unprepared for the responsibility of stewarding wealth and the family legacy. And many will suffer under a heavy weight of expectations.

Wealth can be both enriching and destructive for those who steward it. It depends on how they are prepared and whether they cultivate the character and competence to steward wealth well.

NextGen programs typically focus on developing competency in disciplines such as family governance, philanthropy, and business leadership. As important as these are, we believe the greatest need is the formation of character—helping emerging leaders grow in wisdom and become the best they can be irrespective of their family wealth or circumstances.

Kore Venture, developed by Kore Alliance™, addresses this significant need. Venture is a holistic program which launches participants on a life-long learning journey. It imparts wisdom, instills character virtues and develops the competence needed to steward wealth and to flourish in every sphere of life.

The mission of Kore Venture is to prepare emerging leaders from wealthy families for life, leadership and the stewardship of wealth and influence.

Why focus on character formation?

At Kore Alliance™, we’ve seen how wisdom and sound character is the critical foundation on which to build the skills and experience required to create and steward wealth. Character development takes time and is not easy to measure. It is transformative rather than transactional, and therefore often neglected by mainstream education providers.

Wealthy families have long struggled with the challenge of building character and retaining family values. Successive generations are typically far better educated than the founding generation, however, their track record of protecting and growing the wealth entrusted to them is poor. The hard work, risk-taking, sacrifice and perseverance of the founding generation is easily forgotten by successive generations. In the midst of the many benefits obtained through wealth, the virtues which helped create it are often lost along with the wealth itself. This “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” pattern is seen the world over.

In select organizations and educational institutions around the world, there is renewed interest in the cultivation of personal moral character. A recognition that success and flourishing does not depend on knowledge and skills alone but on acquiring wisdom and developing certain personal virtues. Kore Venture partner, The Oxford Character Project, is at the forefront of research to determine the virtues which drive success. They have developed initiatives which cultivate moral leadership, especially at university during the life stage of ‘emerging adulthood’. These insights are built into the Kore Venture curriculum.


Kore Venture incorporates the best methods for emerging-adult development.

The program has been shaped by program partners, leading families, academics and advisors and informed by character research undertaken by the Oxford Character Project. Character sessions are drawn from a longer curriculum developed and delivered among postgraduate students at the University of Oxford over the last four years. Our approach to character formation is founded on the Western virtue tradition running from Aristotle through Thomas Aquinas and into the present, but it also draws upon other global character traditions as well as the insights of contemporary philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology and neuroscience. Readings are drawn from a wide range of sources and span genres, cultures, and centuries—contemporary opinion pieces and poems placed alongside excerpts from historical biographies and classical texts. Participants (from diverse nationalities, leadership cultures, academic disciplines, and philosophical and religious commitments) are encouraged to engage critically and reflectively with material presented as well as to offer insights from their own cultural traditions and experience.

The transformational power of Kore Venture is in the creation of small peer learning groups, where life, family and leadership are discussed, personal successes and struggles are recounted, and good character is modeled. This provides a safe space for open discussion, honest self-examination, and together with the support of personal coaches, facilitates the cultivation of the practices and habits that lead to virtue and good character.
Outside of the residential experiences, participants engage in extensive reading, home assignments and personal reflection.


Andrew began working with enterprise families in his home country of Australia almost 25 years ago. It was there that he discovered his passion to help families experience greater meaning and purpose, and flourish over successive generations. As founder of Plenitude Partners, he now advises families globally, helping them to break the cycle which destroys families and their wealth. With Kore Alliance™, Andrew is leading the development of programs which enrich and prepare families to steward wealth well.

Prior to this Andrew served as Vice President of Strategy at Legatum, a private investment firm based in the Dubai International Finance Centre. There he played a lead role in building Legatum’s philanthropic portfolio including the development and launch of the Freedom Fund, a private philanthropic initiative to help end modern slavery, and the Luminos Fund, a global initiative to transform education and help millions of out-of-school children get back to school. He also co-created and facilitated the annual Legacy Roundtable for next generation wealth holders which attracts participants from around the world.

Andrew lives in Dubai with his wife and three children.