About KORE Venture

A different approach to rising generation education...

Why we created KORE Venture

Wealthy families have long struggled with the challenge of building character and retaining family values through rising generation education. Inheritors are typically far better educated than the founding generation, however, their track record of protecting and growing the wealth entrusted to them is poor. The hard work, risk-taking, sacrifice, and perseverance of the founding generation is easily forgotten by successive generations. In the midst of the many benefits gained through wealth, the virtues which helped create it are often lost along with the wealth itself. This “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” pattern is seen the world over.

We are in the midst of a global transition during which trillions in family wealth will be passed on to the rising generation. While they may have attended the best schools and colleges, most feel unprepared for the responsibility of stewarding wealth and their family legacy. And many will suffer under a heavy weight of expectations and feel isolated by their family circumstances.

Properly preparing NextGen members for responsibilities they did not choose and may not want is essential to ensure wealth is a blessing rather than a burden.

Rising generation education typically focuses on developing competency in disciplines such as family governance, philanthropy, and business leadership. As important as these are, we believe the greatest need is helping young inheritors find their identity and purpose before they must shoulder significant family responsibilities. Working on “who” before “do” is the essential and often neglected starting point.

KORE Venture addresses this significant need in rising generation education to prepare young inheritors by cultivating wisdom and character. As a community, it is dedicated to empowering and equipping young inheritors to navigate the complexities of wealth, provide leadership for families, contribute to society, and gain the clarity, confidence, and conviction to pursue their unique path in life.

Why KORE Venture is transformative

KORE Venture is a learning journey like no other. We integrate the following elements to bring about deep personal transformation:

We create a culture blending professionalism, humor, humility, and service which is expressed in loving care for each person based on who they and not the wealth they represent.

We curate content, incorporating experts from many disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, business, social impact, wilderness survival, and more to ensure a holistic approach.

We use classroom learning, simulations, outdoor experiences, and field trips to engage the whole person.

Peer-Learning and Relational
We run a variety of programs and events, in which we create an intimate and safe community environment and encourage authentic sharing and learning from one another.

Intensive Personal Coaching
Coaches are present throughout the journey and support participants every step of the way to make lasting life change. A coaching ratio of 1:3 ensures a highly personal and intensive approach.

Character drives success

In select organizations and educational institutions around the world, there is renewed interest in the cultivation of personal moral character. A recognition that success and flourishing does not depend on knowledge and skills alone but on acquiring wisdom and developing certain personal virtues. The Oxford Character Project is at the forefront of research to determine the virtues which drive success. They have developed initiatives that cultivate moral leadership, especially at university during the life stage of “emerging adulthood.” These insights are built into the KORE Venture Immersive curriculum.


KORE Venture incorporates the best methods for emerging-adult development. The program has been shaped by program partners, leading families, academics and advisors and informed by character research undertaken by the Oxford Character Project.

Our approach to character formation is founded on the Western virtue tradition running from Aristotle through Thomas Aquinas and into the present, but it also draws upon other global character traditions as well as the insights of contemporary philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, and neuroscience. Readings are drawn from a wide range of sources and span genres, cultures, and centuries—contemporary opinion pieces and poems placed alongside excerpts from historical biographies and classical texts.

Participants (from diverse nationalities, leadership cultures, academic disciplines, and philosophical and religious commitments) are encouraged to engage critically and reflectively with the material presented as well as to offer insights from their own cultural traditions and experience.

Learning objectives

KORE Venture is designed to help participants achieve:

Self-Development and Self-Awareness
Participants become more self-aware and others-aware, and thus better able to adapt their relational approach to bring out the best in others.

Purpose and Character Formation
Participants can articulate their identity, who they are and who they want to become individually rather than who they think others want them to be. They are well down the path of exploring why they exist and how they will express their unique purpose in the world.

Life Journey Planning and Way-Finding
Participants develop their life goals and acquire tools to live intentionally to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Understanding of Family Relationships
Participants come to understand their families of origin and can better navigate family dynamics and positively shape their family culture and future.

Preparation for Navigating the Complexities and Opportunities of Wealth
Participants become aware of and are equipped with the tools to address the unique relational challenges associated with wealth and influence.

Discernment Regarding the Purpose of Wealth
Participants understand the ultimate purpose and various forms of wealth. They develop a stewardship mindset and skills of discernment.

Peer Community
Participants develop a trusted peer community to support them through life and in so doing reduce the isolation of wealth.

Growth in focal virtues

KORE Venture helps participants cultivate virtues with a particular focus on:

Involves grit, perseverance, determination, and resourcefulness.

Humility and Gratitude
Involves recognition of a need to learn from and lean on others and also an appreciation for what has been received.

Generosity and Service
Involves a pro-social purpose, seeing success as serving others.

Creativity and Courage
Involves not resting on what has been given but applying creativity with the courage to multiply the impact of their wealth in the world.

The power of community

The transformational power of KORE Venture is in the creation of small peer learning groups, where life, family, and leadership are discussed, personal successes and struggles are recounted, and good character is modeled. This provides a safe space for open discussion, honest self-examination, and together with the support of personal coaches, facilitates the cultivation of the practices and habits that lead to virtue and good character.
Outside of the residential experiences, participants engage in extensive reading, home assignments, and personal reflection.

Programs Director

Kore Venture Program Director Andrew Doust

Andrew began working with wealthy families in his home country of Australia almost 25 years ago. As Programs Director of KORE Venture, he leads the development of transformative programs that prepare young inheritors to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities which come with wealth.

Andrew previously served as Vice President of Strategy at Legatum, a private investment firm based in the Dubai International Finance Centre. There he played a lead role in building Legatum’s philanthropic portfolio including the development and launch of the Freedom Fund, a private philanthropic initiative to help end modern slavery, and the Luminos Fund, a global initiative to transform education and help millions of out-of-school children get back to school. He also co-created and facilitated the annual Legacy Roundtable for next generation wealth holders which attracts participants from around the world.

Andrew lives in Dubai with his wife and three children.