About KORE

Who is Kore Alliance®?

Kore Alliance® is a group of wealthy families and single-family offices who share a sense of purpose beyond themselves and many of the same questions and challenges. But we’re also different. Our members come from all over the world, from a variety of backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives — to the benefit of every family. We come together to share knowledge, opportunities, relationships, and experiences.

Kore Alliance® is a nonprofit organization. We do not permit solicitation or receive sponsorship revenue. Event and program costs are covered by registration fees. Any program proceeds are re-invested into Kore Alliance® programs.

Kore Alliance® flagship programs

Kore Gatherings
Kore hosts gatherings twice a year to bring together member families. Topics include family dynamics, investing, philanthropy, next generation development, and more.

Kore Venture
Prepare for Life, Leadership and Wealth
Kore Venture is an immersive peer learning journey designed to help you become your best self and find your purpose in life.