Chris Hudson on Building Emotional Resilience

Life coach and founder of Understanding Teenagers, Chris Hudson, explains what emotional resilience is, how to build it, and how families of wealth can help their children develop it.

Chris has been working with young people and families for over 20 years. Since starting his professional life as a youth worker, he has never lost his passion to help young people discover meaning and purpose in life. Serving as one of the coaches in the KORE Venture program allows him to indulge his passion by walking beside participants who are finding their place in the world and their family.

As the founder of Understanding Teenagers, Chris is dedicated to helping adults build strong relationships with the young people in their lives. Through his personal coaching, speaking and consulting, he equips people in his home country of Australia, and around the world, to connect across generations and build strong, life-giving relationships. Chris brings with him expertise in a variety of areas related to helping young people navigate life, including identity formation, motivation, resilience, and behavioral change.

Chris has a Master’s degree in Education and has completed studies in theology, youth work, and counseling. He lives on the South Coast of NSW Australia with his wife Belinda and three awesome kids.

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